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Commercial Hardwood Flooring

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When the time comes to designing or renovating your business, you need to give extra thought to the flooring you want to have installed, refinished, or restored. The material you choose to use can transform the environment and make a huge impact on the overall look and feel of your commercial space. Believe it or not, most companies owe their overall ambiance to the flooring they choose, making this one of the most important design decisions. Hardwood Floors Edison will ensure we work to get your flooring installed with little downtime for your business.

Factors to consider

Once you have purchased, rented, or built your commercial space, it is time to start thinking about the interior design. Choosing the right flooring for your business is a surprisingly important decision and should not come down to price alone. You should take into consideration other factors, such as the wood's capability to withstand the kind of traffic and overall wear and tear that it will be dealing with. It is also important to consider how easy and quick the installation, refinishing, or restoration will be, as well as future maintenance.


Wood flooring is the preferred material used for commercial flooring. This is due to the strength and durability of wood as a flooring option. When you are deciding on the type of wood you want to go for, you will have a choice between commercial engineered hardwood and commercial solid hardwood. Understanding which option is best suited for the space, as well as which will be best suited to your budget in both the short term and long term is incredibly important. Hardwood Floors Edison is just a call away. Fill out our instant quote form, or call us to book a consultation. We can assist in determining which option will be best suited to you and begin developing a plan of action for your restoration, refinishing, or installation.

Care and maintenance 

The biggest reason that hardwood floors are such a popular choice for commercial spaces is due to their ability to withstand heavy traffic. It is important, however, to regularly conduct maintenance on your hardwood flooring, as this will ensure that it stays durable, strong, and beautiful. In a commercial space, it is recommended to apply commercial high traffic finish to the wood, as this will further ensure the strength and lifespan are maintained. Wood finishes add an extra layer of protection to your flooring and prevent scratching from shoes, high heels, and falling objects. Hardwood Floors Edison uses the highest quality finishes and state of the art equipment.


All commercial spaces will have a different look and ambiance depending on the environment and nature of your business. Hardwood flooring can fit into any space and work with the design and look that you want to achieve. With the broad range of wood, finishes, sheens, and stains to choose from, you can achieve any look.

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