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Deep Clean and Recoat

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Hardwood flooring can offer unparalleled beauty and a classic charm to your home, though, besides the aesthetic look, one of the best features that it offers is that it is easily maintained and easy to clean. Every once in a while, however, hardwood flooring does require a deep clean and recoat to keep it looking fresh and rich, just like the day it was installed. Hardwood Floors Edison offers maintenance, deep cleaning, and recoating for the intermittent years required to ensure that your flooring lives the full lifespan that hardwood promises.

Benefits of professional cleaning 

There are a variety of reasons why hiring a professional company to conduct a deep clean of your hardwood flooring is a good idea. That said, possibly the biggest reason of all is that it removes short term finishes that haze and cloud floors. Second, a deep clean of your flooring keeps it stronger and sturdier for a longer time and increases the lifespan it offers.

Re-coating your hardwood flooring 

Recoating your hardwood flooring is a pretty simple and straight forward process. It involves roughing up the top level of finish on your wood flooring, removing all of the dust from the floor, and adding a fresh coat of finish. The new coat of finish will dry within 24 hours and will look as good as new. Re-coating is done to refresh your wood floors and can be done every few years. It is important to note that not all flooring can be re-coated. Unfortunately, if the flooring has had particular substances, such as wax or oil bond with it, it is extremely difficult to remove that residue and add a finish that will stick.

Why would you choose a deep clean and re-coat

Unfortunately, even though hardwood flooring comes with a long lifespan, you will inevitably have scratches and dullness build-up and appear every few years. Having a deep clean conducted will ensure that your flooring is free from dust and debris and gives them a visual refresh. So, whether you are looking for an installation or deep clean, Hardwood Floors Edison will keep your flooring looking brand new throughout its lifetime.

Call Hardwood Floors Edison for your consultation

Once your flooring has been installed and some time has passed, let that dull and worn floor act as a reminder to call Hardwood Floors Edison for a consultation. We will be able to determine the steps to take to restore your flooring to its former glory. We will explore if your flooring needs refinishing or just a cleaning and recoat. We will be able to advise the best way forward to bring your floors back to life. We use the state-of-the-art equipment and high-quality products to ensure your flooring is always transformed, no matter the circumstance.

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