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Hardwood Floor Refinishing

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Hardwood flooring offers warmth and a classic, high-end look that no other flooring can offer. It can transform your home, office, or retail space with a style so versatile and durable that it will be timeless. Although hardwood flooring does come with a long lifespan, finishes dull and cloud over time.

It's time explore hardwood floor refinishing when:

  • Your hardwood floors begin to show their age.
  • Your floors start to buckle or cup.
  • Your wood floors catch your socks or give you splinters.
  • You see scratches, dullness, cloudiness, or discoloration.

It is at that time that your floors may need to be refinished. Hardwood Floors Edison prides itself on ensuring that your hardwood floors keep their warmth and beauty.

How often can you refinish your hardwood floors?         

The typical hardwood floor can be sanded and refinished up to 8 times during its lifetime. Unless you have used harsh products or chemicals on your flooring, or you live in a particular older house, your flooring will most likely be able to be brought back to life without the need to replace it completely. The typical hardwood floor should be refinished every 7 – 10 years or when you see that your flooring looks dull and damaged. Refinishing your flooring can bring it back to life by giving it that bright, rich, and classic look it had the day you had it installed. Refinishing your hardwood floors also gives you the opportunity to change your flooring color.

Refinishing vs restoring hardwood flooring

If you find yourself wondering where the beautiful, new-looking flooring you once had is, then it might be time to consider either refinishing or restoring your hardwood flooring. Choosing the best option is often difficult. It is best to consult a professional like Hardwood Floors Edison. After our ballpark quote, we will send someone out and appraise your flooring to see what the best route forward will be. Refinishing includes sanding down the top layer of the wood and applying a fresh stain over the wood you currently have, to achieve the new look you want. Restoration may involve replacing old wood planks and staining them to match the current flooring.

Why use a professional company?

Hardwood flooring is a huge investment in your home. Although hardwood is often expensive to install, the durability hardwood flooring offers, combined with the beauty and classic style that compliments almost any design element, makes the price well worth it. Given the investment you have made in your home, looking after your flooring is of great importance. This will ensure that you get the most from your investment. Hiring a professional company with experience and knowledge of hardwood will not only ensure that your flooring continues to look beautiful and fresh for years to come but ensures you do not need to replace it prematurely. DIY mistakes may leave you with an expensive repair job or in need of complete replacement.

How do I know if I can refinish my hardwood flooring?

To be able to refinish hardwood flooring, it needs to be 1/32 of an inch thick.

The thickness of the flooring is important and will ensure that sanding is done successfully. The typical hardwood floor can be refinished between 8 – 10 times during its lifespan. If the flooring is not 1/32 of an inch thick, we will not be able to refinish your flooring and bring it back to life. Instead you will need a new installation.

If you are not sure what your options are, contact us at Hardwood Floors Edison. We will appraise your flooring and determine the best option for reviving your floor.

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